This story may be re-edited in the future but for now, I think I’m satisfied. Back in the day, Edgar Allan Poe used to publish and release stories over and over again. When he wasn’t drunk, he would just rewrite old stories he’d written already and re-revise them and then re-publish them and people messed with it. Online right now there are different copies of the same stories re-published on different websites and they pretty much sound the same with minor tweaks. So basically if an old white guy can do it then so can I. PERIOD.


Okay so boom, so basically a baby is born and issa earthquake at the same time. The shit is riDONCulous  and everybody in the room is trippin tryna keep shit together. The story follows the thoughts and actions of all the people in the room, some more in depth than others. There’s no dialogue cus why. And yall gon fuck with it cus it’s me. And if in the end it feels unresolved, then good cus shit aint always sweet, and thats period.



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